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When I am not working on an event, I enjoy spending time researching and writing about my favourite subject - from legislation to psychology - all evidenced the best I can with the latest research.

There is huge knowledge and experience in both the industry and academic side of crowd safety and my approach is to combine the two in order to improve crowd safety for all.

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Here are a few articles to give you an idea of what to expect:

So, what is Crowd Safety?
I get a blank look when I tell people I work in “crowd safety”. I ask if they ever attended an event; arrived safely, guided into the venue, found their seat, watched the show and then guided back to their transport, barely noticing the journey? That’s crowd safety.
To prevent disaster, now is the time to study crowd safety
If I am over a decade into my career and facing the challenge of an industry that has totally collapsed, then I can share an understanding of what those who are only preparing to enter the industry could be feeling. Event Management has only become a subject of study within
The Most Common Threats to a Crowd Event
What are the most common threats to a crowd event? Looking at thirty years of crowd disasters to identify what event managers need to plan for to keep their attendees safe.
Reflecting on a Decade of Disaster
As we enter into a new decade, many of us have been reflecting on our lives from 2010 to 2019. I couldn’t help but put it in the perspective of crowd disasters, to understand if there was anything we could reflect on and take the learnings with us into the 20’s (is that what we’re calling it?).