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  • help you with a specific crowd safety issue at your event or venue
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  • working through a challenge you are facing at work/event/venue
  • coaching through establishing and honouring boundaries at work

The live workshops are designed around your needs and so please let me know what you would like to delve into or practice.

For the last fifteen years of my career in the events industry, i've always been fascinated by human behaviour which evolved into crowd safety through major event transport. I do the work I do in order to challenge outdated practice, share best practice as widely as possible, foster community through sharing stories and ignite healthy debate through conversation.

There is huge knowledge and experience in both the industry and academic side of crowd safety and my approach is to combine the two in order to improve crowd safety for all.

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So, what is Crowd Safety?
I get a blank look when I tell people I work in “crowd safety”. I ask if they ever attended an event; arrived safely, guided into the venue, found their seat, watched the show and then guided back to their transport, barely noticing the journey? That’s crowd safety.
The Most Common Threats to a Crowd Event
What are the most common threats to a crowd event? Looking at thirty years of crowd disasters to identify what event managers need to plan for to keep their attendees safe.
Lecture: Law for Events (Crowd Safety & Zone Ex)
This lecture focuses on the most common laws that can impact crowd safety planning specific for outdoor events. Please note this list is not exhaustive - each event is unique and will be affected by laws specific to its nature, situation and environment. Its purpose is to provide a broad
Vlog: Saying no, establishing boundaries
I share my thoughts about the importance of establishing boundaries and the immediate effect that saying no may have on us. Most importantly, I share how we can take care of ourselves when this happens as I know the hangover well! Bronze and Silver Members log in to watch & comment