Self Authority

I have experienced significant stress and anxiety from a lifetime career in the events industry. One day I decided to face the issue as I realised that by honouring our boundaries and listening to our body, we naturally uncover our power. Standing in our power means honouring our own authority, not giving it away to someone else. From there we reduce stress and anxiety, increase resilience, make better decisions, reduce bias and live a more present and authentic life.

Quitting burnout

Working in the events industry routinely makes it onto the lists of most stressful jobs in the world, alongside firefighters and air traffic controllers. How we are put in the same category as

Video // Saying no, establishing boundaries

I share my thoughts about the importance of establishing boundaries and the immediate effect that saying no may have on us. Most importantly, I share how we can take care of ourselves when

When we sabotage ourselves

The saying goes that we are our own worst enemy, and the more I become aware of my life and how my mind and body works, the more I understand the nuances of

Threads is not the anthesis to Twitter

I never intended on writing this article on LinkedIn but after just seeing an email newsletter encouraging me to join Threads, I became enfired (I once mashed inspired with fired up and i’

Audio // Trusting our own rhythm

What is our inner rhythm and why is it important? I discuss my experience of becoming aware of my own rhythm and more importantly, learning to listen and follow it - and how