The aim of my MSc Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis dissertation was to understand if the current legislation and approval process is fit for purpose for ensuring crowd safety at outdoor events in the UK. This dissertation has been written into a series of articles to share my academic research with the industry.

#3. The impact of legislation on competency

While researching crowd safety and the impact of legislation on crowd safety, one of the key themes that warranted exploring was competency, as legislation and regulation are designed, amended, introduced and managed by

#2. Legislation, Regulation and Crowd Safety

Throughout my career I have been fortunate to experience event planning and approval on both sides of the Safety Advisory Group (SAG): presenting event plans and assessing event plans - in sports grounds

#1. The Root Cause of Crowd Disasters

Crowd disasters occur when people are given insufficient information and space (Sime, 1999). It is rarely the case that only one factor causes a disaster (Helbing and Mukerji, 2012). In particular, increase or