When we sabotage ourselves

When we sabotage ourselves
Contemplating Meerkat | Photo by author

The saying goes that we are our own worst enemy, and the more I become aware of my life and how my mind and body works, the more I understand the nuances of this statement. Over the years I have noticed how, when I set out to achieve something, I am the one who gets in my own way.

I believe that we are the ones who can only truly block our own growth, our own potential. We are the most self critical, we are the harshest commentators of our own actions and we are the first to call ourselves up when we make a mistake. Well, for many of us anyway.

My creative outlet is writing. In 2016 I started a blog to write about my experience as I began to question “ is this all that life is?”. You can’t see this blog today because over the last seven years it morphed from one site to another, from one domain name to another and the content switched between travel and self expression. Essentially, the writing didn’t flow and I struggled to maintain any level of foundation and commitment because I was hiding who I was in fear of sharing my inner experience and my opinion. I was afraid there would be backlash and that I would be burned at the stake, or worse, #cancelled.

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