From a lifetime career in the events industry, I have experienced significant stress and anxiety; often unable to sleep at night, waking up exhausted, feeling frazzled and paranoid that I am not delivering my best, that I am damaging relationships and that all round I am a terrible person.

One day many years ago I decided I had enough of the life I was experiencing and set about learning how to work with my mind and emotions. I learned how to meditate, attended Buddhist retreats, studied psychology and Human Design, worked with therapists, trained as a Pilates teacher and practiced surrendering my mind to the present moment and taking responsibility for my life.

With my love of writing, I am now sharing what I have learned with the intention of supporting anyone who is also going through similar experiences.

If we want to be the best at what we do, I find that taking time to reflect, contemplate, learn and practice is salient. It allows us to grow, become more resilient, more calm, present and better at how we do our work, whatever that may be. We are able to make better decisions, reduce our biases and be more understanding of what is truly happening in any given moment.

This, and more, is what I discuss in my Substack Coffee with Íse.

Coffee with Íse | Substack
The empowerment we find when we surrender our mind. Join me for a coffee to discuss self authority, finding our own rhythm and experimenting with Human Design (I’m a 5/1 Projector). Also poetry and travel food recs. Click to read Coffee with Íse, a Substack publication. Launched 4 months ago.