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Dedicated to uncovering our inner authority, finding balance in our events industry, and improving crowd safety for all.

Challenge Status Quo

Host | Speaker | Podcaster

I host and engage in conversations; challenging status quo, showcasing other’s expertise, and sharing my own experience, through speaking, podcasts, articles and videos.

Crowd Safety Consultant

Supporting events and venues improving their crowd safety strategies, especially on ingress and egress (Zone Ex) where risk to crowd safety often increases.


Fletcher Pilates Teacher

I am a qualified Fletcher Pilates teacher and teach private sessions in studio in Queen’s Park, London, and private and group sessions online.

Pilates with Íse


I write Coffee with Íse, a Substack about the empowerment we find when we surrender the mind.


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When we sabotage ourselves
The saying goes that we are our own worst enemy, and the more I become aware of my life and how my mind and body works, the more I understand the nuances of this statement. Over the years I have noticed how, when I set out to achieve something, I
What is Zone Ex and why is it important?
In the wake of the Manchester Arena Attack in 2017 and the Wembley Euro Final in 2021, the subject of who was responsible for crowd safety within the public realm became a topic of focus. This issue regarded the delineation of responsibility for crowd management within the space outside the

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